Software protection and licensing control solutions

Ionworx is privately owned and managed software development company based in Paris, France.

Today software vendors continue to lose money due to widespread piracy.
It is estimated that one out of every three copies of software has been obtained illegally, resulting in $29 billion in lost revenue.

Ionworx's software solutions are known and used throughout the world, especially in areas where software piracy is a serious problem. We use proprietary mechanisms that were developed to eliminate problems that exist in other products.

Our solutions are regularly evaluated by developers around the world. Their findings repeatedly demonstrate that this tool has many advantages over other systems.

While no technology can guarantee 100% security for applications, our technology protection approach discourages analysing and reverse-engineering by making these efforts so time-consuming, even if successful, application will have been replaced by its next version.

We provide secure and robust solutions to prevent the unauthorized installation and copy of software applications.


21 Oct 2010 - SecureCode v3.0 has been released ...

4 Janv 2010 - SerialShield SDK v1.9.21.2 has been released ...

27 Oct 2009 - MachineID SDK v4.2.1 has been released ...

29 May 2009 - SerialShield SDK v1.9.12.9 has been released ...

4 Fev 2009 - PCStars, a partner of Ionworx products, is one of the largest software distribution companies in China ...

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