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The geographic location of your computer and your IP address has been logged. Credit card fraud is a felony punishable by heavy fines and jail time. We cooperate fully with all agencies involved with preventing and investigating online credit card fraud. Crime on the Internet does not pay! We investigate each and every order, and report every fraudulent attempt to the authorities and applicable ISP(s). Due to the increase in credit card fraud originating from free, web-based, or email forwarding services such as "msn.com", "yahoo mail", "hotmail.com", "juno.com", "usa.net" and over 8,000 others, we no longer accept orders from these anonymous domains or we can request some identity proof (like passport).

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Ionworx Business Partners are engaged in reselling Ionworx software solutions. Partners take responsibility for collecting and processing payments from the end customer, while Ionworx looks after product inventory and shipping.

We offer attractive discounts to our resellers.

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China reseller
Order Ionworx SerialShield SDK
SerialShield Enterprise 999.95 EUR
SerialShield Professional 379.90 EUR
Online Activation module 299.95 EUR
SerialShield Standard 79.95 EUR
Order Ionworx MachineID SDK
MachineID SDK 49.95 EUR
Order Ionworx ICE License VCL
Professional Edition 299.95 EUR
Standard Edition 129.95 EUR
License Generator Distributor 24.95 EUR
Order Ionworx SecureCode VCL
Enterprise Edition 799.95 EUR
Professional Edition 239.95 EUR
Standard Edition 119.95 EUR
Order Ionworx ActivLicense Online VCL
Team License 799.95 EUR
Professional Edition 399.95 EUR
Standard Edition 199.95 EUR
Order Ionworx goUpdater VCL
Enterprise Edition 399.95 EUR
Professional Edition 199.95 EUR
Standard Edition 79.95 EUR
Order Ionworx Icons Basic Pack
Icons Basic Pack 49.95 EUR
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