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"I use ICE License for a few months now. Before i used the HASP dongle keys to protect my software. Because of the continious hacks of these dongles and the problem of having to physically send the dongles to the customers in order to protect my application i looked for another more flexible way of protection. After reviewing several other packages I decided to stick with ICE License because it is easy to integrate into your application, it provides a strong and very different approach of protection against hacking. Sure anything can be hacked with the right amount of time and mannpower but i dare to say that the hackers will have a very though job hacking ICE License. For me support is everything. Buying a product is easy but when you have trouble and want your problem to be fixed, the supplier is the weakest/strongest link. Support is more then excellent. The staff of Ionworx has helped me even offhours and in the weekend. Just to let me release my product on time. Hope this gives you the info you want."

Jerri Schrijver
Nisba Software Solutions
- The Netherlands -

"After being a user of SlockPK it was a refreshing change of pace to interact with a company that values its customers. Ionworx truly cares about their customers and will work with them to provide the very best product and support than can be offered.That of course isn't enough. The product must perform as advertised and be reasonably priced for the target customer. ICE Protection is that and more. An easy to use, configure and implement solution for the software company that desires quality software protection at reasonable prices. ICE Protection is currently the best product in it's class."

Mark Holmes
MarkNet Technologies
- United States -

SerialShield SDK is an innovative software protection system that allows you to protect your software against piracy and get total license control. Now you can turn your software into a "Trial Edition" easily. SerialShield contains special code to defeat most debuggers and monitors to prevent being traced...

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MachineID SDK allow you to lock your software for specific machines using hardware fingerprint, you can prevent against illegal copying to another computer. Now control your software licenses over the Internet or a LAN Network...

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ICE License is an innovative licensing control for Borland developers wishing to integrate copy protection with maximum security. With ICE License, you can turn your software into a "Trial Edition". To prevent key generation for your application, ICE License uses PKI asymmetric encryption technology to generate keys and runtime encryption source code...

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SecureCode is a new protection technique that encrypts your source code. If any trial protection is broken, your software is always safe because our software protection encrypts and secures fragments of your source. Without a secure key, the protected source cannot be executed. Avoid code analysis with SecureCode...

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ActivLicense Online is a professional and robust anti-piracy solution based on product activation technology. It is designed to verify if your software products have been legitimately licensed. The activation can be performed in a few minutes via the Internet or by Telephone. Control the number of times your software can be activated or made functional through serial number registration on multiple computers...

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goUpdater is new and innovative software updating and delivery solutions, ensuring that end-users always have the latest version of your software. When integrated into your application, goUpdater performs almost any updating task, including synchronizing files, running an installer, patching your software, and even performing a custom action, to keep your customers up to date and your technical support calls to a minimum...

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You are developer or web designer, you know it's very hard to find a good icons quality with affordable price, the first contact with your application is always important part of the customer decision and essential for the success of your software and company, provide ergonomic user interface now with our icons collections. Improve your project interface looking with a large variety of stock icons, format Vista (256x256)...

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